Red Ferret Web Solutions

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We offer a number of different services, and often develop new ones during the course of our work. Here is an overview of some of the most popular things we do for our clients:

Building Websites

We design them, we build them, we report on their traffic, and we keep them safe from malware and security threats. If you are putting up a website and need assistance over any part of that design and technical journey, we are an excellent company to work with.

Hosting Services

Because well-made websites need well-maintained servers to live on, we provide a range of world-class hosting services, using the same infrastructure that keeps the websites of Adobe, Samsung and other major brands online. Our sites don't go down. Our sites don't go slow. From simple single-site hosting solutions at R171pm to large, custom hosting projects, our hosting is every bit as good as our websites.

Email Campaigns

We can do a lot for people wanting to send regular emails to their customers. We set up subscription services to allow your readers to sign up directly on your site, and take care of the double-opt in requirement for your emails to be on the right side of anti-spam laws. We can help you design and distribute your email campaigns, and report back on how many of your readers opened your emails, clicked the links you sent them, or forwarded your newsletters to friends.

Online RSVPs

If you're planning an event, let your attendees RSVP online. We build giant delegate management systems for thousand-person conferences, and cosy little one-page RSVP forms for single workshops and launches. Let people you invite sign up online and receive a polished confirmation email that you didn' have to write every single time.

Publishing Systems

We've been building Wordpress-based publishing systems for our friends in journalism and publishing for years now, and are masters of creating, customising, managing and launching digital magazines, newspapers, high-traffic blogs and just about every other kind of news dissemination brand you can think of. We manage the programming and troubleshooting for large news sites in defence, security, IT news, and even office stationery. We know our publishing platform stuff, and love to show it off.

Responsive publishing systems are a thing we do rather well